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King, I turn you into mountain goat !

I'm the King, leading the army!

Once, there was a kingdom located at the very top of a hill, at the end of mountains chain. The kingdom ruled by wise, generous King. The people were so glad of King's grace. The kingdom was so wealth and peaceful.

The King has a prince, He named his prince Pride, as to show the consciousness of one's dignity. As his name, Pride is so pride with his status. He does not follow the King's steps. Instead he is nowhere being friendly and kind. He is beyond the valley of evil. No mercy, fitting said, meager. He is also not so fond of his father, the King.

My name is PRIDE

But the King, so old and weak as times pass. His consciousness worsen. Pride, gladly said as the old king dead he will rule the kingdom. With tyranny and oppressive. And so, the old king dead and long live King Pride.

The kingdom changed since Pride hold the throne. The people cursed him. The officers loathe the king. The servant won't look after the king willingly. The cook, prepared meal halfheartedly. No one comes near him to joking around or chatting. So Pride is there. Sitting in his throne, alone and exclusive. But what do Pride care? As long as he is the king, he knows no boundary.

I'm Wicked the White Wizard!

Far from the kingdom, old wizard. An old, wicked wizard. He was cast away from community because of his ill intention. Because he is never to be loyal to anyone. He heard about Pride. His evil mind thinks of something evil. And of course he is nowhere to help King Pride. He schemed to turn the loath king into something he never expected. Never experience. Never wanted to be happening.

So, the wizard cast his spell. Pride feeling funny. Feeling something is very wrong. And in split seconds, King Pride has turn into shabby mountain goat. He runs all around the castle without knowing what happen. The guards saw the goat, and start chasing it. Pride terrified, without knowing why he would terrified in his own castle. Against his own guards.

Mbek....Where' s my castle?

He found his escape way. Walk, walk,walk and walk until he cross path with old, worn out farmer. The farmer took the goat he coincidentally found to his barn. He ought to used the goat at his farm. Pride insults the farmer about how the old man offers him a shelter in a barn. Pride knows nothing more that he is now a goat. Goat that he used to chase with sharp sword just to release his boredom. Goat that he used to slaughter just because he is nowhere being happy. He is now a goat. Not a king. Heck, he is not even Pride no more.

The kingdom shock with Pride disappearance. Many asking about his him. But, abundance more pray that he would never to be found, ever. There's much more felt glad, thankful Pride is gone. Officers decide Pride is not to be search. Let Pride missing. Let appoint a new king for the kingdom. So, Pride's cousin, Moral, old kings brother son, wield the throne. He rules the kingdom very kind. And the kingdom keeps peace ever after.

And Pride continues his life as a mountain goat. At the barn. Without friends, without guards, heck he knows nothing that he is now a goat. Pity Pride....

Old McD has a farm....O...Y...O...Y...O

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