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Al-Fikr suka Aprillia Shiver 750.


Saya tengok cte Grotesque hri tu....
It is horror + psycho killer + gore story

Cte nie sngt bnyk blood lost ( mne diorg dpt supply darah bnyk cmtu tuk 1 bdn?)
Some part which induced nauseous
Some quite erotic (in twisted way)

Cte straight forward. Xde twisted yg melampau (merapu).
Cte nie pun kne banned dkt some country (well, blood bath).

more info
and here

BACA LAGI- Grotesque

If Only I'm a World Class Criminal

a criminal always on the move and alone

Saya pernah berangan nk jd World Class Criminal....
Ia adalah experience yg best.
Just imagine, 

1st kte adalah nobody from somewhere nobody want to talked about
Kte wat crime yg superb (curi gmbr monalisa / curi something dr smithsonian museum)
and whole world suddenly talking about it (jd hot news TV @ least)
and kte jd hit target untuk segala mcm agen yg tegakkn keadilan
kte lari serata dunia
seludup masuk foreign country
lari keluar airport xikut rule
jumpe sesape yg bleh tolong, but in mean time xleh trust die 100%

just fikirkan benda cmnie je dh rse sngt2 thrill....
serius this my long life dream
tp saya xnk kne tangkap or kill in action time wat sume tu
so solid plan is far then crucial for this kind of job

some of the trick saya penah fikir nk wat kalo saya wat crime
pkai full body skin mask (tuk cover all my original skin)
pkai bandage balut muka (biar xde spe tau how my face look like)
communicate pkai hand language (pretend to be deft / mute)
always have black sheep to sacrifice
do not have a fixed identity

well tu adalah trick yg saya fikir flawless (who knows?)
tp wat crime adalah sesuatu yg memenatkan bg saya
saya adalah sangat3 malas
so this dream will never, ever come true.

BACA LAGI- If Only I'm a World Class Criminal

Running in Terror - Finale


"Hey! Wake up you sleepy head! Go get a bath boy! We're late already!"

Where is this place?
Who just talking to me and ask me to get a bath?

I get on my feet. Have a look around. 

Hey! I'm in my room!
But what happen, where is….

"Hey! Come on, Boy! We can't be late for the dinner!" Reez my roommate is all dress up. Then I remember, I suppose to have a dinner with Jijulz and Syusuf at Maria's.

Maria, Reez fiancĂ© invite all of us to dinner at her house tonight. And I remember I felt asleep before. And in a brief all that I have experienced was all a dream. One hell of a dream. It terrifies me to death. But, it was just a dream. 


*Experienced intense scary feeling here  

BACA LAGI- Running in Terror - Finale

Running in Terror – Act 2


We all have fall into the crack. The crack lead to where? Nobody knows until we all thumped to the ground. With pain all over my back, I try to get on my feet. I think I hit my head really hard that now I feel like spinning. I saw Jijulz and Syusuf sitting on their feet, holding their head. Maybe they too hit their head pretty hard. When I look around, that I realize that this place, this space look like a gigantic hall. There's a stage up ahead, come with a curtains. A few gaslights were emitting a dim blue light around the hall. All people that felt all over the hall floor groin in pain. Some cries. Some bleeding really bad. Some have a broken here and there. I walk towards Jijulz and see his bleeding arms.

"Are you okay?"
"I think, my arm broken. It hurt as hell!" his face grimace. The blood dripping from his fingertips to the floor. "Where is Syusuf?" he asks when Syusuf appear behind him.
"Julz, guess that dropping act have cost you, your arm."
"I bet it is! If only I could rip this arm off!"

It was out of blue the spotlights suddenly on and emitted a sharp, bright light appoint to the stage. There's a man on the stage. Everyone in the hall focused their eyes on him.

"Welcome to the Bleeding Feast."

People start talking to one and another. They feel this kind of jokes is way out of limit. I feel the same too. With so many injured, bleeding for a mere feast, it is way out of limit.

"In this feast, you all are the entertainer! Entertain us by providing your life to us!" that man says while his hand point to the back of the hall. There was several man dresses in dark line up there. They look like any other man. Looks ordinary, but one thing, they look pale. Not one of them, but all of them. And what the man on the stage said later explain every little thing.

May I drink your blood?

"We are vampires. We will feast on your blood…. "there is a pause. Some people start to make their way out from the crowd. Try to make an escape from the so-called vampire gang.

"Now!" he yells.

Simultaneously the vampire at the back dash their way into the crowd. Grabbing on anything that move, sink their fang on the neck and starting to feed. Me, Jijulz and Syusf was terrified to death. Screaming echoed all over the hall. The smell of blood becomes intense in a minute. Blood is everywhere now. Splashing over the wall. Spilled on the floor. Everywhere.

"Say this was all dream, guys!"
No! Absolutely not! I said but my voice doesn't seem to get out of my throat.
"We all in grave danger!" Syusuf said with terrified in his eyes. He turns around, grabbing Jijulz by his waist and lifts him over his shoulder. "Fik, we have to make a move. Now!"

"As for your info, you could make it out here alive. You just have to make your towards that door." that man point his finger to a black huge door with a pentagram motive on it.

Everyone started run towards that door. We run along with the crowd. But so does the vampire. Even the vampire that speak on the stage have dive in action. He furiously chock on someone's neck. A girl around 17-18 years and rip her arm off. That poor girl screams at the top of her voice. Her tears can never explain her suffering that moment. I can only watch her body shaking intensely when the vampire suck on her blood to the last drops. Then her weak, lifeless body was thrown to the floor like a trash.

"Syusuf, let me down. I can run on my own!" Jijulz begging Syusuf to put him down. His face shows guilty towards Syusuf.
"We must get out of here alive!" as Syusuf, a weak, lifeless body was flew over him and Jijulz. That body was so big. Maybe a fat man's body, once. I dash forward and jump to push both Jijulz and Syusuf out of the way. That big lump of meat land on my body. Unfortunately it's fat stomach crash on my head and brings me down with it. I hit my head hard against the floor. The next thing I can recall is Syusuf tried to move the body off me before I passed out.
I came back from spacing out when Jijulz shake my shoulder hardly that I swing over his direction.
"Hey! Get a grip, boy! We must get out of here quickly!" he said. Syusuf is there looking out for the vampire in attempt to protect us. We start running again. The three of us.

All over the places, lifeless body lays around. Blood smeared the hall's wall, floor. The running vampire furiously choking on the limited people and sucking their blood. When I take a sight a round, there aren't many people left. The escape door doesn't seem like it been open or touch. With that I can conclude they all never make it. They all are the lifeless body on the floor. 

We were just a few steps away from the door when suddenly a vampire appears upon us. His mouth smeared with blood. So does his hands and shirts. 

Blood taste good....

It try to catch Jijulz. I dash forward and push aside Jijulz from his stand. He fell but I was captured by the vampire.

"Run! Save your life!" I yelled at them. My tears flow down my cheek. On their face, I can see their guilty, regret all over it. I feel the same for both of them. I'll leaving them without telling goodbye. Not in a good, great way.




It's all I can hear when the vampire rip my arm and smash my body to the floor. My blood spurt from my mouth, nose ears even my eyes. It was really painful. I can't seem to remember anything at that point. My body was to weak with a massive broken bones all over me. I can feel that vampire teeth sunk on my neck and my blood drained from my blood, when I heard someone calling….

*Experienced your real terror here 

BACA LAGI- Running in Terror – Act 2

Running in Terror - Act 1

"Run! Run, quick! He's coming!"
That's loud yell shocked me up. I don't know what that's all about. I get up and I just run. I run. My legs filled with energy and my heart pumping my blood frantically through my vein. 

What is it that coming?
Why am I covered in blood? Whose blood is it?
Where is everybody else?
Where is this place? What is this place?
What is this smell? Blood? Yes, blood. But who is bleeding that the smell is so intense?

I feel my feet wet, soak as if I'm running through a stream or mud. I take a look down. And, there is blood, flooding the floor, the land or anything I step on. Not just blood, there also a few chunks of body part everywhere. I scream in terror. Trying to keep track of what had happening before. My thought flew back a moment. Moment when all of this started.
It was a sunny day. A good day for any activity. Me and my friends planning for a camping. Me (Fik), Jijulz and Syusuf has planning this for months. And now the day is here. We drive a long way from city to the forest entranced. From the entranced we took a ride on boat across a cool river to the camp site.

Weh, Tepi! aku nak naik nie....

It was such a wonderful journey. From towers of brick walls, smells of dust and smoke, sound of machines to the trees topping our head, smells of leaves and wet dirt and sounds of birds chirping from a far. We drown in the blessing of flora and fauna surrounding us. 

Cantik sungguh....

 Ciptaan Allah....

We arrive at the camp pretty late and rushed setting up our tent before it is too dark. The camp site quite cramp at that time. Many campers there. I thought it is a crowd view in the jungle but at least the night won't be terrified with this entire crowd. Me, Jijulz and Syusuf enjoy the entire night with snacks and tea while talking about the jungle exploring the next morning. Everything's is fine, at least that's what we thought at the moment.

It was in the middle of the night when Syusuf shake my shoulder and wakes me up. In brief moment, my eyes still closed, I heard a terrifying scream. I popped my eyes open and see Jijulz and Syusuf there, awake.

"What's that?"
"Dunno. But it maybe from the other campers."Syusuf explaining.
"Let's see what happen!"Jijulz suggested.

It is just after the tent zipper is zipped down that I heard a quick, heavy steps running away from us. We get out and standing as we saw a herd of people running towards us. But that's not all.
Behind all those running people, there was something. I can't see its face, because of the dark. But the silhouette of those things tells everything. It is a man or a man-like being with strange strength that could break a tree branch with a swift hit. There were several of them. I stand there, watching, like I'm frozen to the place I'm standing.

"Fik! Let's run boy!!"Syusuf told me frantically. He grabs my arm and start running. Dragging me a long with him. I hurried my steps to follow his pace. Everyone was running wildly when something unimaginably happen. The land crack open and swallow everyone whole. No body was left behind. Me, Jijulz, Syusuf and everyone fall into the crack….

*Experienced your true nightmare here

BACA LAGI- Running in Terror - Act 1

Me and My friends

from left: Redzuan, Ainul Shah, Al-Fikr, Ismail, Nazree

Ismail: Korg tau x? Aku penah pancing buaye kat sne tu....Gile besar!
Al-Fikr: Ko nk tipu pun beragaklah....Mane de org pancing buaye.
Nazree: Ada ke buaye kt tasik cmnie?
Redzuan: Mail, ko pancing batang kayu je r time tu.
Ainul Shah: Korg diam bleh x? Aku nk try pancing duyung nie!
Nazree: Ada ke duyung kt tasik cmnie?

lokasi: Tasik Kenyir
time: Sometime in 2008
BACA LAGI- Me and My friends

The Crow, The King and Traveler's Lover – Final Act


 Now for the conclusion of the tales

All of the people in the castle panic. Feared are all over places. The big, fortified front gate was crack open with single strike. The tall, thick wall was smash down with just a swing. Everyone was terrified. The citizens scream in storm. Running saving their life as if the Kingdom was in war. Everyone was terrified but one. Maid.

Maid, with confusing running all over her head, run towards the gate. As she heard her name called, she knew Traveler is return. She is worried for her love one. Wishing Traveler is safe and sound. Her hearts thumping while her legs stomping to the gate.

Crow, from top of the castle, look down at the commotion. Crow is there, in the middle of storm as soon Clone rushing out of the room since Traveler came. He sneakingly smiles, as if he knew this would happen the moment King save him.

Clone, run towards the arsenal. He is searching for King's fine sword. The sword that he hid the day he occupied the throne. The same sword that he uses to beheaded King. Clone need the sword to defend himself, his kingdom and his people from any harm.

Traveler, with his big sword, now standing in the middle of castle court. Surrounded by massively armed, murmuring in confusion and panic guards and army. The guards and army keep coming from all over places. The higher ranks officers and minister are there too. Holding their weapon to defend the castle. Traveler step forward. The guard, the army aimed their arrows, shed their swords and ready to attack.

"You may want to step back!"said Traveler. "You know I meant no harm and how strong I am!" He said while he peek a look over his shoulder towards the shattered walls and cracked gates.

"Step back you intruder!"A loud roar crackling form the top of castle. Everyone heard the roar and take a look up. There, they found the very familiar silhouette at the King's room. It is Clone. Standing there with his sword in his hand. "Step back and I shall spare you!"

Crow laugh silently from the castle top. Traveler smiles in satisfaction when his gaze met Clone's. The one that tore him and Maid a part is there. Standing there and command him to step back.

"KING!!!!!"he scream and simultaneously dash into the surrounding guards. Breaking through them as if he was walking in empty path.

Maid, arrive at the court, catch a sight of Traveler. But she is far from Traveler. Travelers run toward the stair in opposite direction and not take a look around. Tears running down her face as she keeps running, trailing Traveler.

Traveler run towards King's (Clone's) room. All the guards and army that was in his way is beaten down. His sword knows no mercy. All that touches the sword's edge ended up wounded badly. For the unlucky one, their body split into several parts. All the way to King's room is spilled with blood. Maid, which trailed Traveler cry in fear witnessing such evil. Her heart broke at Traveler's doing. Traveler smash the door open as soon as he arrives at the King's room.
There he found Crow and Clone staring at each other. "King!!"he yelled.

Clone and Crow startle. Clone's face shows a bitter expression. He wanted to say he is no King, but no voices come out. Crow smile and said "You've come a long way for this, Traveler. Settle this once and for all!"
"I shall finish you King! Once and for all. I will take Maid back from you!"

As Traveler stop talking he swing his big sword. The air pressures shoots out from the swing and inflict a severe damage to the room. Clone and Crow somehow manage to save themselves. Without hesitate a moment, Traveler dash forward and slash upon Clone. Clone quickly defend himself with his sword.

"You shall die tonight, King!"
"No! I won't!"

Crow fly away from the battle. He land on the shattered balcony outside of the room. He watches the battle with sneaking smile. Clone is a good swordsman and Traveler is no weaker than him. The battle is quite even. Traveler slash upon Clone and Clone evade and give a counter attack. Clone stab his sword and without flinching, Traveler step aside the attack and try swings his sword towards Clone. They exchanged swings, slash and blows, but never seems like a side is taking advantages. The room wrecked and damage all over. No guards or army are brave enough to come near the room.

"You surely….know….how to fight a….good fights!"Clone talk with startle voices. He is panting heavily.
"You also not half bad, wretched King!"Traveler said as he swipe his blood, that running down his cheek.

Maid heard all the noises from the room. Sounds of breaking glasses, snapping wood, shattered brick and metal. She could imagine the worse happen at the room. Traveler is fighting to death with Clone. She rushes furiously in the bloody hall.

With his body become tired and exhausted, his movement become dull. A few strokes from Traveler have landed on his body. Crow laugh loudly. Clone feel humiliate and quickly get up, before he notice a huge blow smack upon his face and send him fly out to the balcony. Right next to Crow.

"Why do you laugh Crow?"
"Why, you ask?"
"Yes! Are you deft already from the sound of scream and storm?"
"Because I get to see something that is so profound. A battle to death for a love. Don't you know that is Traveler? Maid loves?"

Hearing that make Clone's face changed. He does know Maid have a lover before. But he thought he is dead. Now, that lover is standing in front of him. Really want to slay him. He stood up and face Traveler.

"Do you know that I'm no King?"
"What? That's ridiculous! You're King, you grab Maid from me years ago. Don't tell me you've forgotten all that!"
"No! I'm no King. But I love Maid as well. So I won't hand her over to a psycho killer like you!"

They started to crush each other again. But, Clone due to his injury in starting to feel uncomfortable. His movement become slows and his slash is weakened. Seeing that Clone is weaken and slowing down, Traveler took the opportunity to giving the finishing blow. He is ready to crack open Clone's head when Maid arrive at the room.


Traveler shocked and turns to face the door. He realizes that Maid is there. His heart thumping in joy. He drops his sword and rush towards Maid. Maid cry become so intense after seeing both of them. Traveler that try to kill Clone. Clone that is lying on the floor helpless. With Traveler run towards her, Maid run forward and tend to Clone leaving Traveler clueless.

"Why the King?"Traveler ask. He still facing the door. His heart is broken. He motivation and determination shattered in just a brief moment.

"You so cruel now. You no longer Traveler. You're the familiar stranger!"Maid sobbing. She held Clone in his head and wipes the blood.


Everyone in that room turn to Crow. He is furious and anger. "You should kill each other to death. Not showing mercy over some wicked Maid!"Crow scream.

"You, who are you?"Traveler stepping near his sword and pick it up. "You're no ordinary Crow. The wrath you brought upon you is dark, very dark"
"So you know! You know who am Me truly are!"Crow stated to flap his wing and a gust of winds raging inside the room.

"Me is Crow! Crow the Soul Reaper!"Crow start to change. From feathery black small bird, he changes into a man with bone-like wing extension on his back cloaked in black old and torn fabric. His hand is holding a scythe.

It's time for a little nap at the grave....

"You wretched being!"Traveler dash forward and start to brawl with Crow. They brawl with intense slash, blows and stabs. But due to excessively energy usage, Traveler is tired. He's no agile as before anymore.

"Me done here! Me will take you along to the underworld! All of you!" Crow start to cast a spell. Suddenly a dark cloud started to fill the room and from within it a portal appears. "That is the door to the underworld. Me shall brought you there for eternal suffers and pain." just as Crow stop talking, Traveler dash at him and grab his waist. And without saying anything he shoves a small dagger into Crow's eyehole. Maid and Clone shocked with what Traveler done. But it is to late Traveler along with Crow was disappear. Black clouds suddenly propagate and with loud scream it gone in thin air.

Maid cry loudly and kept calling Traveler. But there's no answer. Traveler is gone. So does Crow the Soul reaper. Clone stand and walk to the wreck balcony. There he stand and shout "It's all over now. The Kingdom is safe from any harm!"

The whole kingdom filled with joyous in the middle of storm. Everyone happy for something they don't witness. For the King that defend the Kingdom. But for Clone and especially Maid the sadness is what they feel now. Sadness for the lost love. Sadness for betrayal from a friend. Sadness for a broken heart. And sadness for the death.

BACA LAGI- The Crow, The King and Traveler's Lover – Final Act

Twilight Eclipse

Inilah filem yg nak aku tngok tgh tahun nie....
Twilight Eclipse
Even x excited mne nak tngok (pasal dh tau ending cmne sbb dh baca novel) tp still nk kne tngok
Alasan utama....

Kristen Stewart

Dakota Fanning

Ashley Greene


(seperti yg semua sudah tahu) Cite adalah sambungan kpd Twilight New Moon. Kalo nk baca ape2 info pasal filem nie, klik sini!

Jane: The Volturi don't give second chances....

BACA LAGI- Twilight Eclipse

My Personal Computer: Memphis

Desktop saya

Gambar diatas adalah gambar desktop saya....
Ya....0....xde ape2 selain dock icon kt atas sne....
Inilah keadaan desktop saya sejak saya kenal 'Hide Desktop Icon' + 'Rocket Dock/Icon Dock'
X serabutkan....
Nampak kemas dan aman damai (seperti tuan die jugak)

My computer : Memphis

Yg nie plak adalah interface my computer saya.
Agak ringkas dan kemas tersusun.
Selain tu nama2 drive pun unique.
Tavern of Star Vestige (D:)
The Sacrifar (E:)
Millions Grave (F:)
Valley of Despair (G:)

Seriously saya suka PC saya tersusun dan kemas sentiasa.
Jd bnyak r program yg saya xpkai, saya uninstalled.
Yg jrng pkai saya lower-kan priority die.
Saya nk improve startup, saya disabled mne2 program yg bleh start manually.
Isian dalam setiap drive juga adalah specific.
(D:) = Movie2+Video Clip
(E:) = Program2 besar cm game + TV series (Gossip Girl, Vamp. Diaries.etc)
(F:) = J-Drama+Anime+Movie
(G:) = My work+E-Book collection+Pix+MP3

So demikianlah saya menyusun Memphis!

BACA LAGI- My Personal Computer: Memphis

The Crow, The King and Traveler's Lover - Part 5


 Buck will continue the legend....

Crow fly across the hall. Crow heading toward King's room. There he found King alone at the balcony. He landed on King shoulder.
"Clone asks for you earlier."
"What does he wanted?"
"Me don't really cares about"
King steps toward door. He peek his cloak to cover his body. On his way to the room of glass prison, he ordered few guards to escort him. They arrive at the room. Crows ordered guards to wait outside. King and Crow step into the room. There they found Clone standing in the glass prison.
"What do you asked me for?"King starts the talking. His arm was folded in front of his chest. His face shows was grimace.
"Well, King. You and I have no differences anyhow. You and I technically am the same person. I'm your clone to top it off. But you, standing there, as a king." says Clone. There is no expression on his face.

As they talking, Crow fly to a nearby window. Crow landed there and watch King and Clone talking. Crows face is grin with sneaky smile.

"But, me here, trapped like a pet!" Clone yelled at King. His face turns ugly that very moment.
"So you wanted to get out here?"King smile with bitter expression. "Bow to me and obey my very orders!" King said loudly and turns around. 

He makes a step towards the door when suddenly he heard the loud smashing, shattering glass sound. He turns and found Clone is rushing towards him. The glass prison was smash from the inside. Without holding back, Clone hit Kings face really hard. King fell to the floor. Clone swing his fist again to Kings ribs. He flails his kick to Kings neck. Clone hits King several times before he shout "Guard! Clone tries to escape! Seize him!"

King groan heavily on the floor. His face, ribs and neck is hurt like hell. He try to stand up but with no success. The guards crash in the room and rush to him. Without knowing which is Clone, which is King, guards keep hitting King. King scream at the top of his voice.
"I'm King!"
"Seize him! He is Clone!"
Again and again King shouts. Begging for mercy. Begging for the guards to stop hitting him.

"Stop!"Clone yelled. He step towards the worn out, weak King on the floor.
"Clone, you dare to rebel against me!"King shows his anger towards Clone. His face covered in blood look at Clone in despises. Clone grabs a sword from one of the guards. He put the sharp edge of the sword at Kings neck.
"Any last word?"
"I shall die tonight. But I will haunted in my dead!". As he speaks, clone flail the sword across Kings neck. Kings head thump on the floor. Blood sprayed all over the places. With blood covering his face, Clone smile. With excitement, satisfaction he called Crow. Crow fly near him and landed on Clone's shoulder like Crow used to do with King.

"Clean this mess up. Guards!"Clone order the guards. He walks from there and laugh loudly.
"Now, I'm the King. You shall call me King now, Crow!"
"As you wish, me King!"Crow exclaim.


Since that day, Clone is the King. No one ever knows that real King is dead. Now everyone called Clone, King. No one knows the truth but Maid and Crow. Maid now is very happy. Since King dead, she always stay be Clone side. She frequently smiles, not like when King is alive. She looks lively not like before. Now with Clone beside her, she's forgotten about her love, Traveler. So Clone, Crow and Maid live happily ever since….


From here on the final chapter started. As so the conclusion....

"It is a bad storm tonight" Clone said to Crow.
"Indeed" Crow reply.
It has been a week since the storm started. But tonight it seem the worse from other nights. The wind blow frantically like it would eat a whole kingdom. The rain pouring like it was a sea at the sky. The thunder roar like a giant lion.

But nobody seems to notice a dark figure is heading towards the castle. The dark figures carry a big sword in his back. It keep walking in the storm like it is nothing happen. The dark figure stop when it reach the castle gates.
"Maid! I'm here to save you!" that dark figure shouts loudly…..

BACA LAGI- The Crow, The King and Traveler's Lover - Part 5

Nightmare on Elm St. + Ironman 2

Td saya sdng best2 browsing, ter-accident kt 1 ads nie....
Ia adalah pasal 1 filem nie....

Filem nie adalah filem remake. Ia adalah filem Nightmare on Elm Street.

 A Nightmare on Elm Street (woohooo)
Wah....Ble plak diorg wat balik cte nie? Tau2 dh nk kuar je ( ke aku yg lepas pandang?)
Yg penting aku mesti nk tngok cte nie....Nk feel balik cte seram + bunuh2 yg melampau (even bru hri tu aku tngok Icarus)
Nak tngok Freddy + gloves yg ada pisau tu tikam2 orang, kelar2 org.... Mesti best (woohooo....)

Ada x budak nakal kt sini?
Untuk list pelakon+pengarah klik sini

Satu lg filem yg saya nak tngok (yg nie dh tau lme dh) adalah Ironman 2....

 Woi Mesin Perang npe ko pandang tmpt lain?
His back....Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark/ Ironman 
(makhluk nie kalo berlakon mmg best)

 Hari tu saya jd Sherlock Holmes....Skang saya adalah Ironman

Apa yg baru dlm Ironman 2? Ia adalah Rhodey Rhodes/War Machine sidekick Ironman  Woohoo
Villain die plak adalah Ivan Vanko/Whiplash

 Woi ko gile ke suruh aku pakai baju cmnie? Kne electric shot kang....Naye je!
Plot cte nie revolve around time after Stark announce Tech yg die ada kt public. So ramai r makhluk yg tamak+gile kuasa+xde otak nk tech yg Stark Industry ada....Dan bergasak r mereka....Hahahaha
Untuk list pelakon+pengarah klik sini

BACA LAGI- Nightmare on Elm St. + Ironman 2
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