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Line up Lego guardian kt dpn PC!

Ada yg tnye 'ko minat lego ke?'
tnye balik 'apsal?'
'tngok dlm PC ko ada je gmbr figure lego. xksh r ko pnye ke, ko dwnload intrnet ke?'
'ooowwh....sje je, best tngok figure diorg....'

So gtu r...Kalo tngok ada gmbr figure lego dlm blog nie, paham sendri r k.
kte sume confirm pnah main lego sometime in the pass....

so kat bawah nk share skit fun facts pasal lego. enjoy!!

  • Seriously, combo lego nie endless. Dgn 6 8-stud cube tu korg leh wat lbh dr 102M combo
  • Bg setiap org kt dunia, dirg leh dpt 51 cube sorg
  • Lego Castle t'bsr dibina dgn 400,00 cube lego various size+colour+shape
  • Lego berasal dr perkataan DENMARK Leg Godt = main elok2

my,! what a castle without the wall?

The wizard, must leave in exile....

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