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The World Cup trivia

World Cup trophy

The original World Cup trophy was made from gold-plated sterling silver. During World War 2, FIFA vice-president Ottorino Barassi, put the trophy in a shoebox under his bed to hide it from Germany occupying troop. 2 decades later, in March 1966, the trophy was stolen before the World Cup in England, but found under ahedge a week later. In 1970, Brazil took permanent possession of the trophy after their 3rd World Cup win. It was stolen in1983 and never recovered. The current solid gold trophy is held by winner until the next tournament; they then receive gold-plated replica

Maradona 'Hand of God'

Most miraculous moment of World Cup tournament. This happened during 1986 World Cup, Argentina VS England. Argenina win 2-1 with 2 goal from Maradona; whish is 1 from the infamous 'Hand of God'. Even a gazillions of eyes watch it live or via tele, thousands of camera aim and capture the moment, but none can really sure either Maredona touch the ball or not. But with the touch, Argentina win the World Cup that year. Later, Maradona admit that he really touch the ball, but never regret about it.

The fastest goal

The fastest goal in World Cup history was scored by Hakan Sukur (9/Turkey) in 11 seconds in World Cup 2002 against Korea.

Zidane and red card

In 3 World Cup tournament, Frenchmen Zinadine Zidane receive 4 yellow card and 2 red card.

Zidane headbutted Metarazzi

During final match World Cup 2006, Italy against French, Zidane headbutt Metarazzi. Zidane was then red carded and rule out of the field. Later Italy defeat the French and win the tournament. Zidane said he would never apologise to Metarazzi for the blow.


Brazil's Pele become the youngest person to score goal during the World Cup when he put one past the host nation's goalkeeper in 1958 tournament in Sweden. Brazil beat Sweden 5-2 and took the trophy home.

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