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A Moment....

Dear Bloggie,

How long its been since my last entry? Ooo, I myself could not remember. But I did know, its been a long while since. 
I do apologize for what I did. But it is not my fault. It is not nobody fault. Just...How could I put the thought into words? Seems like all the word aren't enough for all.
It look like the hole is not meant to be filled with anything. Maybe it want to remain empty for all eternity. Maybe when the time is right it will be filled. Maybe....Just maybe.
OK...OK....OK....I admit that I have a new sweet heart. Yes she is just gorgeous as le arc en ciel. But that does not meant I will leave you behind like some sort of waste. No....Not in billions of seconds. Just bare with the lack of attention for a little while. I'll try to make my new sweet heart to know you better. To love you more. To share a lot of moments together....

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