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Al-Fikr suka Aprillia Shiver 750.

Life Unexpected Season 2

Premieres on Tuesday, Sept. 14

Brittany Robertson/ Lux Cassidy. What'll happen to her in this new season?

The family spend time discussing (arguing) during parents teachers conference

Shiri Appleby/ Cate Cassidy

The common view in Life Unexpected. Lux stuck in the middle of Cate and Baze argument

Reggie Austin/ Jamie, Kristoffer Polaha/ Baze, Austin Basis/ Math. Will they change their lifestyle?

Kerr Smith/ Ryan Thomas. Still stick with K-100 Morning Madness?

Arielle Kebbel/ Paige. What? Since when she's here? Tell me....IS she will be long in this series?

Wait till the Premiere....

Picture courtesy of The CW

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