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Bloggers: Habitual and Conceptual

p/s: everything written here is only an opinion from own observations.

I loves reading blogs. When I read blogs, I tend to get curious about the blogs background. Is it male/female writer? Is it group? What the writer post mainly about? Is it always full of pictures in the post? What are the main purpose of the blogs? And tons of other questions.
So I take self-initiative to observe the blogs and the bloggers. It is thrilling in so many ways. Why is it thrill? Cause not all bloggers have the same purpose for blogging. Not all bloggers have the same ways of writing. And not all bloggers consistently update their blogs hourly/daily/weekly/monthly. So it kind of takes time to observe and make a conclusion about bloggers habitual and conceptual.

1st of all let see about the picture of the author. Basically, blogs have the author profile at the sidebar so does the picture. Easiest way to know how the writer look like. And mostly for blogs which themed on daily life, life-journal, writer that is cameraphilic; they tend to put their pictures inside their post. All poses, various clothing and  places, with friends, family and stranger pictures are there for this kind of blogs. The parameter is set aside; no restrictions. Pretty and handsome, alluring and hot, beauty and beast, even ugly and hideous. Once the reader sees the picture it is no difficulty to find out which is the writer. Because the writer will be there and always be there. But, some bloggers tend to hid their appearance. The reason is subjectives and various. It all up to the writer.

2ndly the theme/ main topic of the blogs. Major bloggers always have a strict and consistent theme of posting. For example the The wonderful, Whacky World of Sexhibition, they keep posting about the sex topics and everything that related to sex and whatnot. But most bloggers, especially (like me) that themed on daily life, life-journal, they don't have any specific topics for posting; except that their post is about their life, what have they learn for the day, what have they done, what were they thinking and whatnot.

3rdly the main reasons/ purposes of blogging. What are the common interest when bloggers started to blogging? Some would says just for fun, some says it is about advertising using the WWW and bla bla bla....
It is a series of reasons and justifications. Business bloggers write blogs to expand their business and sells their products. Personal bloggers write blogs for their common interest and for close-related person to read about their life and whatnot. Info bloggers as their name implies that they provide informations for the info-seekers. And those reasons, purposes keep growing as the blogs grow.

And, all and all, blogging is world of close space without any definite boundary. As long people knows how to write(using computer, internet,typing), they'll keep blogging. Just keep writing and entertain the world. Don't curse if nobody stop by your blog during early days of blogging. It would take a while for the popularity to grow. Be patient, keep leaving your URL on every site you crash on. As for the reminder, an ancient says, 

keep your eyes open you'll see the horizon



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