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Entry dibawah snap 'TALES', 'ABOUT', 'MUMBLING', 'NUKILAN HATI' adalah hak cipta terpelihara dan tidak boleh diulang cetak dimana-mana tanpa kebenaran bertulis Al-Fikr.

Review filem out of context yang meletop boleh baca kat Movie
Al-Fikr juga suka tengok Drama Amerika
Boleh tonton/dengar lagu kegemaran Al-Fikr di Playlist dan Song

Al-Fikr suka Aprillia Shiver 750.

My world spins and keep spinnin'

My man, this world is full of unexpected events.
It keep coming and coming with no intentions of leaving and stopping.
Well, life really give me headache. But it is the essence of living and point of surviving.

They kick me in the ass, I stand back and smack them in the face and shove a bag full of shit up their ass.
No backing off without giving back a fucking good fight.
The stalker named PROBLEM and MESS keep coming at my doorstep.
I face them with prays and confidence. Pray and worked my way so those PROBLEM and MESS dissolve into thin air.
There's no point in whining and run from them.
They keep coming for you and if not their variants (DIFFICULTIES, HARDSHIP and whatnot) will come.

So, keep your pace, tilt your chin, raise your sword, armed your shield and fight for life.
It is nothing a trial given by ALLAH for you.
Face it, solve it and pray for HIS blessing, forgiveness, helps, and everything.


Germany kalah dlm World Cup 2010 game lawan Serbia. (0-1)
England seri dgn Algeria ( 0-0)
Japan kalah dgn Holland (0-1)
Australia seri dgn Ghana (1-1)
It is a sad news I, but the game is on, and world keep spinning.

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