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Entry dibawah snap 'TALES', 'ABOUT', 'MUMBLING', 'NUKILAN HATI' adalah hak cipta terpelihara dan tidak boleh diulang cetak dimana-mana tanpa kebenaran bertulis Al-Fikr.

Review filem out of context yang meletop boleh baca kat Movie
Al-Fikr juga suka tengok Drama Amerika
Boleh tonton/dengar lagu kegemaran Al-Fikr di Playlist dan Song

Al-Fikr suka Aprillia Shiver 750.

Country....Sounds amusing

uffff....Still shocked selepas melihat kekalahan France kpd Mexico dlm World Cup 2010 pg td.
Well let the past stays where it belong. Look forward for the Germany and Serbia this evening 

go Germany go

So to the topic Country Music.
Kenapa Country Music? Lepas post Dream Performer semalam ada r trima beberapa komen terus face-to-face (cis npe xnk post kt blog nie? Hit-and-Run cases) yg tanya siapa Hana Pestle? Kenapa Michelle Branch and Taylor Swift?Kenapa bukan band rock? Jiwang-melekat-lekat r ko nie (sedap jer cakap aku cmtu)

Urrrmmm....Camne nak jawap nie....
Let say, aku xminat r music yang melampau2 heavy-duty dan sloppy-here-and-there. Might be that's the reason. Tp kalo tngok balik dlm locker aku ada jer CD rock alternative+punk rock and whatnot.
Just to top it all, country music sounds amusing, relaxing, soothing and less tension. That's why.

Maybe, aku xnk ada something in common in my friends. So I like country music and I don't feel to explain no more and whatsoever. So, me friends, don't ever question me anymore about my life, favourite and whatnot, because it'll be different and not as commonly as what it is there in a population.

So, like the ancients said, Don't judge the book by it's cover. Flip the cover, and read before judging (I like it better when there's no judgement)

Bawah nie adalah video Need dari Hana Pestle
(kpd yg xkenal die, this is Hana Pestle)

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Adzie said...

Hi.. thanks for reading my blog and spent your time to write a comment about my post. Anyway, u asked how I know about the background music in Grey's.. here i share with you which website i go everytime i'm looking for the song title.

Hope you enjoy with it.


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