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Thrill is ways of excitement

Previously on my post, I said Finding LOVE is a thrill....

my previous post

Well, no offense here okay....
I just try to find the thrill in knowing a familiar stranger (which is 1 of my girl-friends) into someone who is connected with me (like we have the same interest and whatnot) but not connected in some twisted love feelings and emotions.


So, well aware here, I am no PLAYBOY!
I just want the thrill of speaking and talking like a stranger into talking and chatting like someone can trust with heavy-duty problem. Or just a person to talk to about a mass problem and tension.

Okay well aware there. I am no man that take advantages against a women.
Just not in my blood, nor in my flesh.

I just a man that REALLY LOVES the thrill.
It amuse me most, it feels dangerous on numerous occasions and events.
It really leave an impression if it is done correctly and accordingly....


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