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Entry dibawah snap 'TALES', 'ABOUT', 'MUMBLING', 'NUKILAN HATI' adalah hak cipta terpelihara dan tidak boleh diulang cetak dimana-mana tanpa kebenaran bertulis Al-Fikr.

Review filem out of context yang meletop boleh baca kat Movie
Al-Fikr juga suka tengok Drama Amerika
Boleh tonton/dengar lagu kegemaran Al-Fikr di Playlist dan Song

Al-Fikr suka Aprillia Shiver 750.

Dreams Performer: Actress, Singer

Apakah filem yang best untuk ditonton? Konsert yg best untuk pergi?
Of course filem yg ada actress yg paling digemari. Konsert yg mempersembahkan penyanyi yg best.
Tapi siapa diorg yang best nie?

Well, for me, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kristen Stewart dan Dakota Fanning. Kalo diorg 3 nie cast dlm 1 filem, surely the film I'd die to watch.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Kristen Stewart

Dakota Fanning

Kristen Stewart & Dakota Fanning in The Runaways
Kristen Stewart as Joan Jet (dark haired)
Dakota Fanning as Cherie Currie (blonde)

And, Hana Pestle, Taylor Swift dan Michelle Branch share 1 stage. Surely a concert I'd die to go.

Michelle Branch (she's married and have a baby, but still gorgeous as ever) 

 Taylor Swift (her songs are good and she's talented)

Hana Pestle (she's new and not well known for now, but she'll explode someday for sure)

It is not cool if I not include the east star. I'd die to go see Yui and Tommy Heavernly6 perform on the same stage, for sure....

  YUI (best female song-writer and singer from Japan I've known)


Tommy Heavenly6 (The girl is Tomoko Kawase)
Tomoko Kawase is band member of  The Brililiant Green
Tommy Heavenly6 is her independent project with co-op of the band member

And that's it. All performer of my dreams....

p/s: npe sume perempuan? well it is a boy-man world  (^0^) v

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