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I'm cool with lies

I'm cool with lies....
Others lie to me
I tell lies to others
It is just a perfect catch, you know.
Lie is one of oldest actions in human history.

Why I'm cool with lie?
Well everything I heard, I know, I learn from others are lies
Unless they bring forward the evidence (physically/written/graphically), all I know they're telling lies.
And, when you tell lies to me
Don't ever try to
Tell the truth
Explain the reason why you lying
And whatnot.

It just not fit to my perspective to learn something that is a lie to begin with
Being told by others
And being discovered the lies by others.
It just not fittin' for me.
Not in thousands years.

You tell me lies
That's it.
Stop there, never look back.
I eventually will reveal the truth
all by myself (and maybe with some help from 3rd party).
Save the explanation for something else.

But, remember....
Lying is a sinfull act
The consequence are heavy and terrifying

Look can be very deceiving. So does the words and talks.

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