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The Crow, The King and Traveler's Lover – Final Act


 Now for the conclusion of the tales

All of the people in the castle panic. Feared are all over places. The big, fortified front gate was crack open with single strike. The tall, thick wall was smash down with just a swing. Everyone was terrified. The citizens scream in storm. Running saving their life as if the Kingdom was in war. Everyone was terrified but one. Maid.

Maid, with confusing running all over her head, run towards the gate. As she heard her name called, she knew Traveler is return. She is worried for her love one. Wishing Traveler is safe and sound. Her hearts thumping while her legs stomping to the gate.

Crow, from top of the castle, look down at the commotion. Crow is there, in the middle of storm as soon Clone rushing out of the room since Traveler came. He sneakingly smiles, as if he knew this would happen the moment King save him.

Clone, run towards the arsenal. He is searching for King's fine sword. The sword that he hid the day he occupied the throne. The same sword that he uses to beheaded King. Clone need the sword to defend himself, his kingdom and his people from any harm.

Traveler, with his big sword, now standing in the middle of castle court. Surrounded by massively armed, murmuring in confusion and panic guards and army. The guards and army keep coming from all over places. The higher ranks officers and minister are there too. Holding their weapon to defend the castle. Traveler step forward. The guard, the army aimed their arrows, shed their swords and ready to attack.

"You may want to step back!"said Traveler. "You know I meant no harm and how strong I am!" He said while he peek a look over his shoulder towards the shattered walls and cracked gates.

"Step back you intruder!"A loud roar crackling form the top of castle. Everyone heard the roar and take a look up. There, they found the very familiar silhouette at the King's room. It is Clone. Standing there with his sword in his hand. "Step back and I shall spare you!"

Crow laugh silently from the castle top. Traveler smiles in satisfaction when his gaze met Clone's. The one that tore him and Maid a part is there. Standing there and command him to step back.

"KING!!!!!"he scream and simultaneously dash into the surrounding guards. Breaking through them as if he was walking in empty path.

Maid, arrive at the court, catch a sight of Traveler. But she is far from Traveler. Travelers run toward the stair in opposite direction and not take a look around. Tears running down her face as she keeps running, trailing Traveler.

Traveler run towards King's (Clone's) room. All the guards and army that was in his way is beaten down. His sword knows no mercy. All that touches the sword's edge ended up wounded badly. For the unlucky one, their body split into several parts. All the way to King's room is spilled with blood. Maid, which trailed Traveler cry in fear witnessing such evil. Her heart broke at Traveler's doing. Traveler smash the door open as soon as he arrives at the King's room.
There he found Crow and Clone staring at each other. "King!!"he yelled.

Clone and Crow startle. Clone's face shows a bitter expression. He wanted to say he is no King, but no voices come out. Crow smile and said "You've come a long way for this, Traveler. Settle this once and for all!"
"I shall finish you King! Once and for all. I will take Maid back from you!"

As Traveler stop talking he swing his big sword. The air pressures shoots out from the swing and inflict a severe damage to the room. Clone and Crow somehow manage to save themselves. Without hesitate a moment, Traveler dash forward and slash upon Clone. Clone quickly defend himself with his sword.

"You shall die tonight, King!"
"No! I won't!"

Crow fly away from the battle. He land on the shattered balcony outside of the room. He watches the battle with sneaking smile. Clone is a good swordsman and Traveler is no weaker than him. The battle is quite even. Traveler slash upon Clone and Clone evade and give a counter attack. Clone stab his sword and without flinching, Traveler step aside the attack and try swings his sword towards Clone. They exchanged swings, slash and blows, but never seems like a side is taking advantages. The room wrecked and damage all over. No guards or army are brave enough to come near the room.

"You surely….know….how to fight a….good fights!"Clone talk with startle voices. He is panting heavily.
"You also not half bad, wretched King!"Traveler said as he swipe his blood, that running down his cheek.

Maid heard all the noises from the room. Sounds of breaking glasses, snapping wood, shattered brick and metal. She could imagine the worse happen at the room. Traveler is fighting to death with Clone. She rushes furiously in the bloody hall.

With his body become tired and exhausted, his movement become dull. A few strokes from Traveler have landed on his body. Crow laugh loudly. Clone feel humiliate and quickly get up, before he notice a huge blow smack upon his face and send him fly out to the balcony. Right next to Crow.

"Why do you laugh Crow?"
"Why, you ask?"
"Yes! Are you deft already from the sound of scream and storm?"
"Because I get to see something that is so profound. A battle to death for a love. Don't you know that is Traveler? Maid loves?"

Hearing that make Clone's face changed. He does know Maid have a lover before. But he thought he is dead. Now, that lover is standing in front of him. Really want to slay him. He stood up and face Traveler.

"Do you know that I'm no King?"
"What? That's ridiculous! You're King, you grab Maid from me years ago. Don't tell me you've forgotten all that!"
"No! I'm no King. But I love Maid as well. So I won't hand her over to a psycho killer like you!"

They started to crush each other again. But, Clone due to his injury in starting to feel uncomfortable. His movement become slows and his slash is weakened. Seeing that Clone is weaken and slowing down, Traveler took the opportunity to giving the finishing blow. He is ready to crack open Clone's head when Maid arrive at the room.


Traveler shocked and turns to face the door. He realizes that Maid is there. His heart thumping in joy. He drops his sword and rush towards Maid. Maid cry become so intense after seeing both of them. Traveler that try to kill Clone. Clone that is lying on the floor helpless. With Traveler run towards her, Maid run forward and tend to Clone leaving Traveler clueless.

"Why the King?"Traveler ask. He still facing the door. His heart is broken. He motivation and determination shattered in just a brief moment.

"You so cruel now. You no longer Traveler. You're the familiar stranger!"Maid sobbing. She held Clone in his head and wipes the blood.


Everyone in that room turn to Crow. He is furious and anger. "You should kill each other to death. Not showing mercy over some wicked Maid!"Crow scream.

"You, who are you?"Traveler stepping near his sword and pick it up. "You're no ordinary Crow. The wrath you brought upon you is dark, very dark"
"So you know! You know who am Me truly are!"Crow stated to flap his wing and a gust of winds raging inside the room.

"Me is Crow! Crow the Soul Reaper!"Crow start to change. From feathery black small bird, he changes into a man with bone-like wing extension on his back cloaked in black old and torn fabric. His hand is holding a scythe.

It's time for a little nap at the grave....

"You wretched being!"Traveler dash forward and start to brawl with Crow. They brawl with intense slash, blows and stabs. But due to excessively energy usage, Traveler is tired. He's no agile as before anymore.

"Me done here! Me will take you along to the underworld! All of you!" Crow start to cast a spell. Suddenly a dark cloud started to fill the room and from within it a portal appears. "That is the door to the underworld. Me shall brought you there for eternal suffers and pain." just as Crow stop talking, Traveler dash at him and grab his waist. And without saying anything he shoves a small dagger into Crow's eyehole. Maid and Clone shocked with what Traveler done. But it is to late Traveler along with Crow was disappear. Black clouds suddenly propagate and with loud scream it gone in thin air.

Maid cry loudly and kept calling Traveler. But there's no answer. Traveler is gone. So does Crow the Soul reaper. Clone stand and walk to the wreck balcony. There he stand and shout "It's all over now. The Kingdom is safe from any harm!"

The whole kingdom filled with joyous in the middle of storm. Everyone happy for something they don't witness. For the King that defend the Kingdom. But for Clone and especially Maid the sadness is what they feel now. Sadness for the lost love. Sadness for betrayal from a friend. Sadness for a broken heart. And sadness for the death.


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