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The Crow, The King and Traveler's Lover - Part 2

Continue from part 1

Let me, Buck continue the story....

The Wizard have finish making the King's clone. He shows the Clone to the King first hand. The King was elated.
"Well done Wizard. You've done well. Now you may vanish."
Wizard, make his way out after King's servant gave him the payment for his service. But, the King didn't know that, The Maid have done something to his clone.
Day by day, King and his clone spending time with chatting and play. The King never to notice a different in his clone. Not one bit.Until one day....

"Myself, what do you think about the worm over there?", the King talk, refer to someone that sat at the fountain in the middle of city.
"Worm? Why do you called that man Worm?", the Clone replied.
"Why? You ask me why?"
"Yes. You're a king. But you despise your people very much. Not to mention your iron clad rule of ruling the kingdom"
The King wonder, why his clone is so different? Not like him. It is so different. So starting that day he decide to put the Clone inside a huge glass prison. The Clone obey without any resistant. And days back like the old time....

The Maid, feel lonely being apart from his love started to talk to the King's clone. He go to the glass prison everyday, just to have a talk with the Clone. She find that the Clone is very friendly, very kind to her. His heart started to move towards the Clone. But, the Clone feel the opposite. He want to get out of the prison. He wanted to rule the kingdom. With his own new rule. A kind and generous rule. And the King now have found a new friend. A crow. A crow he found injured just after he imprisoned the Clone. The Crow was as devilish as he is, just with much sneaky character.

One day....
"Me King! Why do you still keeping the Maid in your castle?" asked Crow.
"Just as a furniture I don't want to used" replied King.
"But she will ruined your pride me King. You know that she is very friendly with Clone."
"I'm well aware of that. But what Clone can do? He trapped inside the glass. He will never come out. If he will, I myself shall slay him!"
"Well said me King. Well said"
They stopped there and  the King kept his doing, and Crow flap his wing to the glass prison.
There, Clone and Maid was talking to each other. Crow land on Maid's shoulder and command,
"Maid, you shall leave. Me have something to said to Clone. A word from me King!"
"Let's meet some other time Clone. I like the time we spend together"
Maid leave Crow and Clone.
"Clone! Do you have ever thought of getting out of the prison?"
"What do you mean Crow? Is King will let me out?"
"Oh! He shall not. In fact he will kill you if you get out of here, Clone."
"So, it seems I will be here my entire life. Not meant to leave here. Not meant to meet other people. Not to mention I can't show my love to Maid"
"It's true then. You love Maid!"
"Yes! And what you will do? Tell King that I love Maid so he will pierce my heart with his sword?"
"Maybe. But what Me proposed is far greater than any you could tell."
"Far greater? How?"
"Me will break you out of this prison!"

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