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The Crow, The King and Traveler's Lover - Part 1

Buck the Crow

Gentlemen and Ladies, me name Buck. Me is a crow. Me shall tell a story, a true story. The story which really happen to someone me know. A story which happened a long, long, long time ago.

In a land, dive in wealth and gracious, is ruled by a vicious king. The King love his own self. Not anyone, not family but himself. He is very fond to himself as he only talk when he look into the mirror. As off he is talking to himself, just that the respond is not himself,but others that he called Fragment (women) and Worm (men), which is his people. He is so vicious in ruling his kingdom. Anyone who dare to rise above him will be punish. From far to furthest, no body rise to oppose him.

In the kingdom leave a happy couple of Traveler and Maid. They was in love fro many, many years. They used to be together all along. Almost people would describe them as inseparable being.

One day, as the king walk around the town, just to insult the Fragment and Worm, he saw the couple. They were so happy smiling to each other while sharing a cup of blueberry sundae. The King found the maid so alluring. He never thought that the Fragment would be so nice for his eyes. In brief moment, he took his mirror and start talking to himself. Facing the mirror.
"Myself! What in the world happened here. I found an alluring Fragment."
His servant, as usual, as he always do, answer the question.
"My King, which Fragment that you refer to?"
"That one. The maid."

The Maid

"That maid? My King, I know her.Would you like to invite her to the castle?"
"Do whatever you want, just make it swift."

So, long story short, the maid is brought to the castle. The Traveler was left behind, in agony and pain and angry. He must take her Maid back to where she was. He stood up upon the King. But what can he do. He is so weak. The King punished him to be cast away in exile, far from the land, furthest from the sea. But he escaped somehow. He took his belongings and flee. Before he go, he stood in front of the castle and shout,
"My Maid, I will reach you from the star. Stay where you are for my return. I shall crack my path open upon the wretched King's castle. Just wait"
And he flee, to the Star!

I shall go to the Star and search for a Jedi Master!

The Maid live with the King, in the castle. Just like a puppet her expression was long vanished. She longed for her love one, Traveler, who is far beyond reach.
But as time pass, she moved on. She feel comfortable living in the castle. She makes friend with the servants, the guards, the cooks and the ministers. But not the King. The King is so fond to himself as he just want the Maid as to show his power and benevolent behavior.

The King tired with his mirror. He doesn't want to talk to his mirror,ever. So he seek a wizard. He want the Wizard to make him, a clone. A clone with exact personality of his. The Maid knows about the clone plan. She scheming to make the King regret his action. She faces the wizard and make a pact with the Wizard. Given everything she could to have the Wizard make the King's clone as per instructions from the King. Just with a different. An opposite personality of the King. The Wizard agree and so be it. 

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