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The Crow, The King and Traveler's Lover - Part 3

Hello, Gentelemen and Ladies! Let Buck tell you the story.

Clone wonder alone. What Crow said to him, struck his conscious. He really wants to get out of the glass prison. But his good nature of obeying order from King restricts his desire. He really confuse about his situation. Yet only one person he can talk to, Maid. So he waited quietly in his prison for Maid. Hoping Maid will understand. Hoping Maid will give him a good advice.

A day later, King shows up upon him. With Crow of course. Looking radiantly happy. He stood front of the glass, facing Clone,
"Clone! How are you nowadays? Any better?"
Without any expression on his face Clone reply, "What make you think I feel better in this cramped transparent glass prison? Have you try occupied this ordeal before?"
"Of course not. But seeing you don't ever resist or attempt to smash the glass open, I think it is way comfortable for you in there!"
"I told you so me King. Clone will never feel better in that glass box, King." Crow interrupted.
"It is way better if you try to relief some of the guards there. Better for him."
"Guess that would be all. Guards you may dismiss" King ordered. The guards make their way out with fuzz, talking to each other. Later King moves out also. Leaving behind Crow and Clone. Alone. They stare at each other for quite some time. A sigh blows from Clone, breaking the silence.

"What do you planned to do, Crow? By removing guards from their post, I will nowhere near to approve your plan. Breaking me out of here? What's next?"
"Me intention is not a concern for you to think, Clone. As for now the King hasn't relies anything conspicuous. King remove the guards, this is your chance. Smash through the glass. Make a…."
"And then what? Try to run from the castle? Flee away?"Clone interrupted. His voice tense.
"Make a commotion you imbecile! You and King are identical. There is no way in world all those guards, ministers, servants will notice that. Just said that King is you. Just shout that Clone is out if the prison. And all guards will settle things off."Crow explain. Clone thinking about the logic of the plan.

"With that I can be with Maid. Right, Crow!"
"As you wish, me King!"Crow shows his loyalty to Clone.

Clone fells his heart beating faster because of the praise. Because of the image of he and Maid being together. Because of the thought of he becomes the King. Crow step aside, with smile on his face. He completely sure the coup d'├ętat will happens soon.

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