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The Crow, The King and Traveler's Lover - Part 5


 Buck will continue the legend....

Crow fly across the hall. Crow heading toward King's room. There he found King alone at the balcony. He landed on King shoulder.
"Clone asks for you earlier."
"What does he wanted?"
"Me don't really cares about"
King steps toward door. He peek his cloak to cover his body. On his way to the room of glass prison, he ordered few guards to escort him. They arrive at the room. Crows ordered guards to wait outside. King and Crow step into the room. There they found Clone standing in the glass prison.
"What do you asked me for?"King starts the talking. His arm was folded in front of his chest. His face shows was grimace.
"Well, King. You and I have no differences anyhow. You and I technically am the same person. I'm your clone to top it off. But you, standing there, as a king." says Clone. There is no expression on his face.

As they talking, Crow fly to a nearby window. Crow landed there and watch King and Clone talking. Crows face is grin with sneaky smile.

"But, me here, trapped like a pet!" Clone yelled at King. His face turns ugly that very moment.
"So you wanted to get out here?"King smile with bitter expression. "Bow to me and obey my very orders!" King said loudly and turns around. 

He makes a step towards the door when suddenly he heard the loud smashing, shattering glass sound. He turns and found Clone is rushing towards him. The glass prison was smash from the inside. Without holding back, Clone hit Kings face really hard. King fell to the floor. Clone swing his fist again to Kings ribs. He flails his kick to Kings neck. Clone hits King several times before he shout "Guard! Clone tries to escape! Seize him!"

King groan heavily on the floor. His face, ribs and neck is hurt like hell. He try to stand up but with no success. The guards crash in the room and rush to him. Without knowing which is Clone, which is King, guards keep hitting King. King scream at the top of his voice.
"I'm King!"
"Seize him! He is Clone!"
Again and again King shouts. Begging for mercy. Begging for the guards to stop hitting him.

"Stop!"Clone yelled. He step towards the worn out, weak King on the floor.
"Clone, you dare to rebel against me!"King shows his anger towards Clone. His face covered in blood look at Clone in despises. Clone grabs a sword from one of the guards. He put the sharp edge of the sword at Kings neck.
"Any last word?"
"I shall die tonight. But I will haunted in my dead!". As he speaks, clone flail the sword across Kings neck. Kings head thump on the floor. Blood sprayed all over the places. With blood covering his face, Clone smile. With excitement, satisfaction he called Crow. Crow fly near him and landed on Clone's shoulder like Crow used to do with King.

"Clean this mess up. Guards!"Clone order the guards. He walks from there and laugh loudly.
"Now, I'm the King. You shall call me King now, Crow!"
"As you wish, me King!"Crow exclaim.


Since that day, Clone is the King. No one ever knows that real King is dead. Now everyone called Clone, King. No one knows the truth but Maid and Crow. Maid now is very happy. Since King dead, she always stay be Clone side. She frequently smiles, not like when King is alive. She looks lively not like before. Now with Clone beside her, she's forgotten about her love, Traveler. So Clone, Crow and Maid live happily ever since….


From here on the final chapter started. As so the conclusion....

"It is a bad storm tonight" Clone said to Crow.
"Indeed" Crow reply.
It has been a week since the storm started. But tonight it seem the worse from other nights. The wind blow frantically like it would eat a whole kingdom. The rain pouring like it was a sea at the sky. The thunder roar like a giant lion.

But nobody seems to notice a dark figure is heading towards the castle. The dark figures carry a big sword in his back. It keep walking in the storm like it is nothing happen. The dark figure stop when it reach the castle gates.
"Maid! I'm here to save you!" that dark figure shouts loudly…..

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