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Running in Terror - Act 1

"Run! Run, quick! He's coming!"
That's loud yell shocked me up. I don't know what that's all about. I get up and I just run. I run. My legs filled with energy and my heart pumping my blood frantically through my vein. 

What is it that coming?
Why am I covered in blood? Whose blood is it?
Where is everybody else?
Where is this place? What is this place?
What is this smell? Blood? Yes, blood. But who is bleeding that the smell is so intense?

I feel my feet wet, soak as if I'm running through a stream or mud. I take a look down. And, there is blood, flooding the floor, the land or anything I step on. Not just blood, there also a few chunks of body part everywhere. I scream in terror. Trying to keep track of what had happening before. My thought flew back a moment. Moment when all of this started.
It was a sunny day. A good day for any activity. Me and my friends planning for a camping. Me (Fik), Jijulz and Syusuf has planning this for months. And now the day is here. We drive a long way from city to the forest entranced. From the entranced we took a ride on boat across a cool river to the camp site.

Weh, Tepi! aku nak naik nie....

It was such a wonderful journey. From towers of brick walls, smells of dust and smoke, sound of machines to the trees topping our head, smells of leaves and wet dirt and sounds of birds chirping from a far. We drown in the blessing of flora and fauna surrounding us. 

Cantik sungguh....

 Ciptaan Allah....

We arrive at the camp pretty late and rushed setting up our tent before it is too dark. The camp site quite cramp at that time. Many campers there. I thought it is a crowd view in the jungle but at least the night won't be terrified with this entire crowd. Me, Jijulz and Syusuf enjoy the entire night with snacks and tea while talking about the jungle exploring the next morning. Everything's is fine, at least that's what we thought at the moment.

It was in the middle of the night when Syusuf shake my shoulder and wakes me up. In brief moment, my eyes still closed, I heard a terrifying scream. I popped my eyes open and see Jijulz and Syusuf there, awake.

"What's that?"
"Dunno. But it maybe from the other campers."Syusuf explaining.
"Let's see what happen!"Jijulz suggested.

It is just after the tent zipper is zipped down that I heard a quick, heavy steps running away from us. We get out and standing as we saw a herd of people running towards us. But that's not all.
Behind all those running people, there was something. I can't see its face, because of the dark. But the silhouette of those things tells everything. It is a man or a man-like being with strange strength that could break a tree branch with a swift hit. There were several of them. I stand there, watching, like I'm frozen to the place I'm standing.

"Fik! Let's run boy!!"Syusuf told me frantically. He grabs my arm and start running. Dragging me a long with him. I hurried my steps to follow his pace. Everyone was running wildly when something unimaginably happen. The land crack open and swallow everyone whole. No body was left behind. Me, Jijulz, Syusuf and everyone fall into the crack….

*Experienced your true nightmare here

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