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Do U Like Fairy Tales?

New tag.
Best subject, 'bout Fairy Tales ^0^

Fitting subject for this blog
Tales of Fairies and Demon
so to the Q & A....

Have read a Fairy Tales?
Of course Lil' Red Riding Hood, Jack and the beanstalk and many more

Since when?
Sjk bleh faham gmbr, huruf, shapes, annotation

Feeling when you read a Fairy Tales?
when I was a kid: Wow, what a miracle
teenage: This should become more realistic. I try to add a little fighting and gore scene.
present: I could've write it better, with more realistic ending + trivia + fun facts  ^0^

What part you like most in Fairy Tales?
The worst part in the story....Where the danger sneak in
If Fairy Tales becomes real, which story do you want?
Not really in to it....But i prefer Dracula....

From your answer above, explain why?
Why?....Maybe coz I like vampire the most....
And not so in to love with merely weak, dependent woman....

Do you will read a Fairy Tales to somebody?
Absolutely NOT....
Who do you want to tag next?
Anyone, anybody as long as they not annoy me....


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