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Talking or Not Talking

'The more you talk, the less weight your words become'

I guess talking is a pain in the neck.
Talking sucks.
Hate to talk....
But, when you are not talking, people start talking behind you.
People start to talk about you and stuff.

Why people need to talk?
Talk to get a thing.
Talk to settle things.
Talk to hurt others.
Talk just to be misunderstood.
Talk for saving own ass.
Talk just to lie....
What a mess of TALKING.

In the upper quote, the weight resemble the truth in words you throw during talking.
Overall, the quote state about how your word become less trustworthy the more you talk.

It is a pleasure to acknowledge that with talking you can connect with others better.
So pathetic because with talking you could severe the entire relationship.
It is a grace with talking you can ease the burden you hold alone.
It is a sin with talking if you tell lies.

With talking everything is blurry
Either good or bad depends on the spoke person

 A: Bonjour!
Z: Bonjour!
A: Comment ca va?
Z: Ca va bien, merci!

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