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Running in Terror – Act 2


We all have fall into the crack. The crack lead to where? Nobody knows until we all thumped to the ground. With pain all over my back, I try to get on my feet. I think I hit my head really hard that now I feel like spinning. I saw Jijulz and Syusuf sitting on their feet, holding their head. Maybe they too hit their head pretty hard. When I look around, that I realize that this place, this space look like a gigantic hall. There's a stage up ahead, come with a curtains. A few gaslights were emitting a dim blue light around the hall. All people that felt all over the hall floor groin in pain. Some cries. Some bleeding really bad. Some have a broken here and there. I walk towards Jijulz and see his bleeding arms.

"Are you okay?"
"I think, my arm broken. It hurt as hell!" his face grimace. The blood dripping from his fingertips to the floor. "Where is Syusuf?" he asks when Syusuf appear behind him.
"Julz, guess that dropping act have cost you, your arm."
"I bet it is! If only I could rip this arm off!"

It was out of blue the spotlights suddenly on and emitted a sharp, bright light appoint to the stage. There's a man on the stage. Everyone in the hall focused their eyes on him.

"Welcome to the Bleeding Feast."

People start talking to one and another. They feel this kind of jokes is way out of limit. I feel the same too. With so many injured, bleeding for a mere feast, it is way out of limit.

"In this feast, you all are the entertainer! Entertain us by providing your life to us!" that man says while his hand point to the back of the hall. There was several man dresses in dark line up there. They look like any other man. Looks ordinary, but one thing, they look pale. Not one of them, but all of them. And what the man on the stage said later explain every little thing.

May I drink your blood?

"We are vampires. We will feast on your blood…. "there is a pause. Some people start to make their way out from the crowd. Try to make an escape from the so-called vampire gang.

"Now!" he yells.

Simultaneously the vampire at the back dash their way into the crowd. Grabbing on anything that move, sink their fang on the neck and starting to feed. Me, Jijulz and Syusf was terrified to death. Screaming echoed all over the hall. The smell of blood becomes intense in a minute. Blood is everywhere now. Splashing over the wall. Spilled on the floor. Everywhere.

"Say this was all dream, guys!"
No! Absolutely not! I said but my voice doesn't seem to get out of my throat.
"We all in grave danger!" Syusuf said with terrified in his eyes. He turns around, grabbing Jijulz by his waist and lifts him over his shoulder. "Fik, we have to make a move. Now!"

"As for your info, you could make it out here alive. You just have to make your towards that door." that man point his finger to a black huge door with a pentagram motive on it.

Everyone started run towards that door. We run along with the crowd. But so does the vampire. Even the vampire that speak on the stage have dive in action. He furiously chock on someone's neck. A girl around 17-18 years and rip her arm off. That poor girl screams at the top of her voice. Her tears can never explain her suffering that moment. I can only watch her body shaking intensely when the vampire suck on her blood to the last drops. Then her weak, lifeless body was thrown to the floor like a trash.

"Syusuf, let me down. I can run on my own!" Jijulz begging Syusuf to put him down. His face shows guilty towards Syusuf.
"We must get out of here alive!" as Syusuf, a weak, lifeless body was flew over him and Jijulz. That body was so big. Maybe a fat man's body, once. I dash forward and jump to push both Jijulz and Syusuf out of the way. That big lump of meat land on my body. Unfortunately it's fat stomach crash on my head and brings me down with it. I hit my head hard against the floor. The next thing I can recall is Syusuf tried to move the body off me before I passed out.
I came back from spacing out when Jijulz shake my shoulder hardly that I swing over his direction.
"Hey! Get a grip, boy! We must get out of here quickly!" he said. Syusuf is there looking out for the vampire in attempt to protect us. We start running again. The three of us.

All over the places, lifeless body lays around. Blood smeared the hall's wall, floor. The running vampire furiously choking on the limited people and sucking their blood. When I take a sight a round, there aren't many people left. The escape door doesn't seem like it been open or touch. With that I can conclude they all never make it. They all are the lifeless body on the floor. 

We were just a few steps away from the door when suddenly a vampire appears upon us. His mouth smeared with blood. So does his hands and shirts. 

Blood taste good....

It try to catch Jijulz. I dash forward and push aside Jijulz from his stand. He fell but I was captured by the vampire.

"Run! Save your life!" I yelled at them. My tears flow down my cheek. On their face, I can see their guilty, regret all over it. I feel the same for both of them. I'll leaving them without telling goodbye. Not in a good, great way.




It's all I can hear when the vampire rip my arm and smash my body to the floor. My blood spurt from my mouth, nose ears even my eyes. It was really painful. I can't seem to remember anything at that point. My body was to weak with a massive broken bones all over me. I can feel that vampire teeth sunk on my neck and my blood drained from my blood, when I heard someone calling….

*Experienced your real terror here 

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