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The Crow, The King and Traveler's Lover - Part 4


 Hello! Time for Buck tell a tales....

Can I do it? How will it turn out? Am I got the courage to do it? What will King think about me?
After Crow left yesterday, Clone kept questioning himself those thought. He is confused. Not knowing what to do. Nothing cross his mind brings out a definite answer. Not a bit of what he wants to know.
Maid walk along the castle corridor toward the kitchen. She ought to bring food on for clone. As she always does since Clone imprisonment.
She step inside the room with glass prison. Seeing Clone throwing his sight away out the big window. Maid stood silently, observing Clone. The bright sunshine makes a blurry image of Clone's silhouette. Looking at Clone, make she remember her love, Traveler. She misses her Traveler. Is he alright? When will Traveler come and rescue her from this endeavor? Will she and Traveler be happy just like before? Out of blue, her tears starting to flow down her cheek. She sobbed.

"Are you there, Maid? Is it time for lunch already?" Clone asking without turning to look at Maid.
"Do you know all along I was here?" Maid asking. She wipes her tear with the edge of her blouse. She hurries towards the glass prison and lay the dining plate down. She then pushes it upon the opening beneath the glass prison.
"Always know when you shall appear. Always know you shall be there on time. Always know you shall come with my food."
"What's with the talking? Are you sick? Or just ease out your burden."

Clone takes a step forward. He still looking outside, looking for an answer for his confusion. "Would you tell a difference between me and King? Are there any difference in our appearance?"
"No. I can't differ you and King in appearance. But if you talk to me I would notice a slight different. The way you talk sooth the one hear it. It almost the sound of hummingbird wings flapping. Like a bird chirping early in the morning."
"So that's it. If I talk to you, you could recognize me." Clone murmuring before he turn to Maid. Their eyes stare at each other. The moment is quite. So quite, even a needle is drop upon the floor the sound would echo in the room.
"You may go, Maid. I don't think I want to talk with you today. In fact there's a plenty of time for us in the future."Clone finally talk to break the silence. Maid glare at him, confused. She takes a step backward before turning and heading to the exit.

"Maid!"Clone called. Shocked by the call, Maid steps stopped. She waits there.
"I love you!"Clone said. Maid, don't know what the meaning of the confession runs from the room. She doesn't know the meaning of all of this. A part of her is glad about the confession. Another disturb with it. Sadness, happiness, confuse, rage all feeling pile up in her heart. Her mind. She runs with tears dropping from her eyes. The sound of her footstep echoed along the corridor.

"Crow, come out!"Clone command, still facing the outside. Crow step out from behind the wall. Crows face grind from ears to ears. "Me love you!" Crow chuckles.
"You sure know how to make things better and better."Crows compliment with a bitter sound. "You know there's no back up of our plan? Are sure you want it to happen?"
"Yes, I am!"Clone speaks his resolution. Clone will rebel against the King. In fact he and King is clone after all. A perfect clone. Nothing that King can do he does not know.
"So, we start tonight. Me will bring you King's suit fro you this eve. Wear it."Crow mention the planning formation.
"Me bring King here and Clone, you smash the glass and do exactly as Me told you."
"I shall do it and definitely let it run smoothly."Clone,with fire burning in his eyes swore to escape from the prison. Swore to rebel against King.
I shall be King!

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